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J.P. McCaskey High School Football: GO HARD OR GO HOME!!

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Mel Ruth Award
The Mel Ruth Award

For Academic excellence, Weight Training, Preparation & On Field Performance!

Mel Ruth was a long time weight trainer at McCaskey. He also spent 46yrs. as part of the McCaskey Football staff (1961-2007). He also served as the Tornado Club Treasurer & Equipment Manager. Mr. Ruth is known as the "FATHER" of weightlifting in Lancaster County. Mr. Ruth also organized the first weight lifting competition in Lancaster County in 1957, he also was known as "Mr. Lancaster" in 1960 & 1970 after placing first in the body building competition. He was inducted into the McCaskey sports Hall of Fame in 2003 and the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame, Susquehanna Valley Chapter in 2006.

The winner of this award must show great standards in all that they do, from the class room, the practice field, weight room and on game day. The McCaskey Football player that shows the highest standards in all these categories will be truly deserving of such a great award, named after a great man.

Note: This is the official award of the McCaskey Football Website!

2008 Winner: Clint Banzhof
2009 Winner: Victor Bermudez
2010 Winner: Alex Zellie
2011 Winner: Avery Wilson (First Junior Winner)

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